About our Company

Over the last century, the office chair has evolved hand-in-hand with the changing dynamics of our workspaces.

As our workforce turns younger with every passing year and we clock in more hours at work every day, “the office chair” has started to assume a bigger role in how people perceive an organization.

At “Nine to Five”, we always go beyond the technical considerations, bleding aesthetics, functionality and science to create chairs that perfectly reflect the energy, the spirit and vitality of today’s office spaces. Our range of chairs is trendier, more thoughtful designed and most importantly and extension of the employees that make up a workspace.


Our History

In 1964, when the concept of chairs did not exist beyond something that provided basic seating facility, Mr. Manilal Savla started Kanti Stores. A retailer that dabbled in home and office chairs, the store intended to take seating comfort to a whole new dimension.

With a zest for innovation and an eye for the finest quality materials, Mr. Manilal Savla’s dream enterprise has gone from strength to strength and is today, one of the leaders in coporate and home furtinure segment. “Nine to Five” is the perfect distillation of our legacy, with specific focus on chairs for the office spaces segment.